Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hey there!  My name is Susana Alonso and this is where I will be posting my artwork old and new.

To make a long story short I have always had a thing for drawing and painting. Fairies and dolls when little (and not so little), Iron Maiden possible covers (I wished!) when a teenager, worked for 10 years tattooing, stop tattooing to train as a Graphic Designer, and then when my child was born I did some tattoo illustration and also graphic design.

When my child grew a little more I had to forget about grabbing a pencil and staring at a white paper to see what would come; my daughter was far more important plus I had to get a job.

So I have raised her on my own, and 7 years later she is still equally important, but I am starting to have a bit of time again to grab the pencil... and I have to say, I love that feeling :)