Friday, 5 December 2014


One afternoon I painted a mermaid. I posted it in my images, sent it to Black Market Art for it to be used in some t-shirts and prints over in US, and did not think anymore of it.

A while afterwards someone called me saying that they have seen this mermaid, with my name removed from the image and Sailor Jerry's name instead, on a phone cover. By curiosity I typed "Forget me not mermaid" and surprise! I found that it had been used in pendants, earrings, prints, doorknobs (!), hairclips, even in pottery...and funnily enough most of the times when it was credited is not my name on it but Sailor Jerry 's (which feels like an annoying compliment I guess)

I found a bit sad that people that steal images for profit wouldn't even bother in changing the name or the lettering but hey, maybe they cannot think that far ahead.

I know if you put an image on internet some folks are always going to steal/keep/print/etc. so next time you see one of my images with a watermark right on the face, don't judge me too hard. :)

Have you had any experiences with copyright infringement? Please share!




Actually I secretly love these...

Friday, 15 August 2014


A while ago I wanted to do something with gold foil. I still work nowadays with it, I love it!

This one was done in wood.

If you happen to be on the States you can buy a high quality print of this one at Moodswingsonthenet.


Thursday, 14 August 2014


I do love old time looking flash, that is what got me to draw little mermaids and pin ups in the first place. Sailor Jerry is a big influence all right. These are some samples of originals and commissioned work.


Check this mermaid on a t-shirt design at Jackdawlanding.


Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hey there!  My name is Susana Alonso and this is where I will be posting my artwork old and new.

To make a long story short I have always had a thing for drawing and painting. Fairies and dolls when little (and not so little), Iron Maiden possible covers (I wished!) when a teenager, worked for 10 years tattooing, stop tattooing to train as a Graphic Designer, and then when my child was born I did some tattoo illustration and also graphic design.

When my child grew a little more I had to forget about grabbing a pencil and staring at a white paper to see what would come; my daughter was far more important plus I had to get a job.

So I have raised her on my own, and 7 years later she is still equally important, but I am starting to have a bit of time again to grab the pencil... and I have to say, I love that feeling :)